All our paints and stains are scientifically formulated and meticulously applied to maximize their beauty and durability. Our smooth wood stains are specially created to enhance the natural beauty of high-quality hardwoods. And our fully-opaque enamel paints are sprayed in a high-tech flatline finishing system, giving consistent coverage with no wood grain showing through. All these finishing processes use carefully-controlled, automated equipment to ensure our highest quality standards are consistently met.

Acrylic Finishes

Created by applying a thick layer of clear gloss to a specialized base, acrylic provides rich color and a contemporary look.

High Gloss: this futuristic-looking finish instantly adds sophistication to any space.

Matte: Soft and subtle, this finish adds understated elegance to your home.

Thermofoil Finishes

Solid Matte: Lustrous neutrals from crisp white to classic gray to dramatic black offer enduring beauty.

Woodgrain: Choose from vertical or horizontal grain patterns in a variety of warm wood tones.

Textured Woodgrain: These dimensional finishes blend the character of aged wood with the durability of thermofoil.

High Gloss: Make a statement with these high-shine finishes.

Cherry Finishes

Rich and classic, cherry has a wide variety of stain options to enhance its depth. From slight rose tones to charcoal and near black, cherry’s color will deepen as the wood ages.

Maple Finishes

Enhance the beauty of maple with stain. Light finishes subtly complement maple’s smooth, even grain, or contrast beautifully with a dark, rich shade. The smooth characteristics of maple also make it a great substrate for painted products.

Rift-Cut White Oak Finishes

Beautifully textured in any color tone, rift-cut white oak is timeless and regal. Select just the right shade from mid-tone brown to a high contrast dark black.

Walnut Finish

Walnut has distinctive woodgrain and patterning that naturally shines on its own.

Paint Finishes

Enamel paints provide a luxurious, soft palette. From crisp White Sea Salt to the depths of Carriage Black, there is a pleasing color for any room.