Give your home the unique look that expresses your fashion-forward tastes with these cutting-edge materials.


Created by applying a thick layer of clear gloss to a specialized base, acrylic provides rich color and a contemporary look.

High Gloss: this futuristic-looking finish instantly adds sophistication to any space.

Matte: Soft and subtle, this finish adds understated elegance to your home.


Solid Matte: Lustrous neutrals from crisp white to classic gray to dramatic black offer enduring beauty.

Woodgrain: Choose from vertical or horizontal grain patterns in a variety of warm wood tones.

Textured: These dimensional finishes blend the character of aged wood with the durability of thermofoil.

High Gloss: Make a statement with these high-shine finishes.


Incorporate the timeless organic beauty of natural wood into your home with these 5 species and a variety of rich stain finishes and opaque enamel paints.


Light and versatile, this wood has a smooth texture and tight, uniform grain pattern. Generally creamy white, it can vary from bright white to light pink or reddish brown. Maple will amber as it ages. The smooth characteristics of maple also make it a great substrate for painted products.


Rich and classic, cherry has a smooth grain and a color that varies from light pink to dark brown; it will darken or mellow with age. Mineral streaks, pin knots, and sap wood are all natural and acceptable wood characteristics.

Rift-Cut White Oak

This strong wood is milled perpendicular to the log’s growth rings to produce a linear grain pattern with no flecking. It has a fine texture and will vary in color from beige to creamy tan, and may have an olive cast.


Strong and stable, walnut has a smooth grain with rich, warm appeal. Color varies from deep chocolate brown to light gray-brown with reddish undertones. It will mellow and lighten in color as it ages.

Paint Grade

Engineered MDF provides a smooth canvas for enamel paints. It’s even more resistant to expansion and contraction than hardwoods, reducing the appearance of seams. Available on the Flatiron door style.